Vaughn Gittin Jr. brings the heat to Atlanta

ATLANTA, 5/10/08 – Vaughn Gittin Jr. was a clear crowd favorite at Road Atlanta this past weekend, with his Falken Tire Ford Racing Mustang ready to rock and working in top-notch shape.

Vaughn had amazing practice runs all weekend – the fans jumped out of their seats every time they heard the roar of the Ford Racing five-liter Aluminator engine. He had fiery speed going down the hill into the first entry and kissed all the clipping points with the Mustang’s front bumper.

During qualifying Vaughn set the bar with his first run. His near-flawless run and blinding smoke coming off the Falken Azenis RT615 tires put the pressure on the rest of the drivers to step up their game.

Vaughn’s second qualifying run was the highest entry speed of the weekend – a whopping 95 MPH. His score was a 97.50 – only 0.25 behind the number one qualifier.

Vaughn was set to face newcomer Patrick Mordaunt in the battle of the Sweet 16. Vaughn was forced to adjust his speed dramatically to a car 16 MPH slower than his monster Ford Mustang. Mordaunt tried to hang with Vaughn, but it was not enough – Vaughn won the battle and was moving on to the Great Eight.

“Pat is without question an up-and-coming talent and I am looking forward to having the opportunity to run one-hundred percent with him in the future,” says Vaughn.

Vaughn was paired with Rhys Millen in the Great Eight. Vaughn launched down the hill like a rocket with Rhys following. Vaughn had such intense angle and speed after the first turn that he dropped two tires off course. Rhys was given the advantage.

Vaughn was determined to stay in the game and literally stuck the Falken Tire Ford Racing Mustang on the door of the Solstice, ripping off the Mustang’s side mirror. The crowd was wild in anticipation for the decision – Vaughn was given the advantage for the run, 8 to 7. But it wasn’t enough – the judges gave the win to Millen.

Vaughn finished the event in 6th place with 61 points.

“Although we didn’t move into the finals,” says Vaughn, “I’m extremely happy how Falken Tire and Autosport Dynamics set up the Ford Mustang perfectly to fit my style allowing me to drive as hard as I did all weekend.”

Vaughn overall now stands in 7th place with 117 points in the Formula D series – moving up three places since Round One in Long Beach.

Prior to the event, Vaughn and the rest of the Drift Alliance boys premiered their latest DVD Stay Hungry at the Midtown Art Cinema in Atlanta, Georgia. The premiere had a great turnout. Fellow Formula D drivers such as Tanner Foust, Daijiro Yoshihara, and Stephan Papadakis came out to support the boys, as well as media such as Speed TV, Wrecked Magazine, Rice Boy TV and many more. To get your copy, please

Vaughn Gittin Jr. will be in his home coast again next month at Old Bridge Township Raceway in Englishtown, New Jersey for Formula Drift Round Three “The Gauntlet”. He will stop at nothing to defend his home territory and finish on top of the podium. Vaughn wants to give a special thanks to all his sponsors, fans, friends, and family for their support.

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