Vaughn Gittin Jr. returns to where it all began

ENGLISHTOWN, N.J., 6/14/08 – Vaughn Gittin Jr. was excited to return to Englishtown Raceway this past weekend for Formula Drift Round 3 “The Gauntlet”. This event marked the first time that Formula Drift has utilized this track as a part of their nationwide tour. Vaughn was ecstatic to be back at the venue “where it all began” for him; the parking lot of Englishtown Raceway is where most of his practice took place and he competed in some of his first amateur drifting competitions.

The Falken Tire Ford Racing Mustang was in superlative shape for practice Friday night. Vaughn ran the Mustang through the course consistently with insane angle and amazing speed. When practice was over, Vaughn felt confident that he and the monster Mustang were fully prepared for the competition the next day.

Saturday morning came and after another short practice, Vaughn had proved to his fans that he was ready for qualifying. For his first qualifying run, Vaughn came into the first turn hot, not holding anything back. His qualifying score was a 93.

For his second qualifying run, he stayed consistent and put down a similar run to his first. But his increased speed raised his score to a 93.6. Overall, Vaughn qualified in 9th place.

Going into the Sweet Sixteen, Vaughn was set to go up against the number eight qualifier and Drift Alliance brother, Chris Forsberg.

At the starting line, the Falken Tire team realized that a three-dollar aftermarket steering fitting failed causing a steering fluid leak. The Falken Tire team called for five minutes to fix the failure, but unfortunately, time ran out right before the fix and Vaughn was unable to complete a run – giving Chris the win. The fans wanted to see this Drift Alliance battle so bad, they began chanting “let them run!” Vaughn finished the event in 9th place overall.

“I was so excited to run with Chris in front of our home crowd full of family and friends,” says Vaughn. “The ASD crew had the Falken Tire Ford Racing Mustang running and handling flawlessly throughout the entire weekend. It was definitely unfortunate to be a victim of such a last minute failure.”

Vaughn currently stands in 8th place overall in the Formula Drift points chase. “I plan to put this one behind me and I look forward to smoking out Las Vegas,” says Vaughn. “Thank you to all my sponsors, fans, friends, and family for your amazing support!”

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