Vaughn Gittin Jr. Wins Formula Drift Round 4 In New Jersey, Leads Championship


On June 18th, 2016, World Champion drifter and Professional Fun-Haver, Vaughn Gittin Jr, drove his Monster Energy Nitto Tire Ford Mustang RTR to first place at the fourth round of the Formula Drift Championship at Wall Stadium Speedway in Wall, NJ. On top of winning the event, Vaughn also regained the Championship lead and tied for winningest driver in the history of the series.

Vaughn had this to say about the victory, “This was a very hard fought win for us as the driving going on in Formula Drift right now is just incredible. Everyone is stepping it up and I am pumped that my amazing team and I were able to get our new Ford Mustang RTR dialed in and make it happen out there this weekend.”



In Vaughn’s qualifying runs on Friday, he laid down a 91 as his highest score earning him a 4th place qualifying spot. This result put him up against Cameron Moore in the top 32.


After besting Cameron Moore in the Top 32, Vaughn moved on to battle Kristaps Bluss in the Top 16 who is fresh off of a podium in FD Orlando. After making contact in Vaughn’s lead run, Kristaps earned a zero. On Vaughn’s chase run, he kept it tight to Kristaps’ door and took the win advancing to the Great 8.


In the Great 8, Vaughn went to battle the then-current points leader, Fredric Aasbo. After the lead run, Vaughn had a small advantage but didn’t hold back in his chase run. Vaughn kept the Ford Mustang RTR door-to-door with Aasbo the whole way through, advancing him to the Final 4 battle against Alex Heilbrunn.


The Final Four put Vaughn up against Nitto Tire teammate Alex Heilbrunn. The judges felt as though the first battle was too close to call so they called an OMT (one more time) and sent the pair back to run again. On the second battle, Vaughn laid down arguably the best line of the day on his lead run and then on his follow did the best he could to keep it door-to-door. Alex pulled a slight gap but it wasn’t enough to overcome the perfect line Vaughn had laid down.


The Final Battle put Vaughn up against one of his best friends, Drift Alliance bro and previous Formula Drift Champion, Chris Forsberg. On Vaughn’s lead run, Forsberg made contact with Vaughn’s rear wheel causing Chris to make a serious correction which cost him valuable points in the eyes of the judges. On Vaughn’s chase run, he stayed on Chris’s door through the entire run and sealed the deal for the judges


The victory in New Jersey moves Vaughn back into first place in the Championship standings; 40 points ahead of nearest competitor, Fredric Aasbo. With two wins out of four events so far this year, Vaughn Gittin Jr. is determined to make this another Championship-winning season.

The fifth round of the Formula Drift series will take place in Montreal on July 15th-16th. It is the only round of Formula Drift taking place outside of the United States.

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